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Credit is personal and your credit is your business and no one else's.  We acknowledge your privacy and therefore, although these tesimonials are from real clients, we do not include last name info to protect the identity of our clients.

 Quotes from our clients below.       See quotes from our Referral Partners (loan officers, mortgage brokers, lending officers)

 "I am so grateful for all the hours spent correcting this. I would NOT been able to do it myself. Throughout the whole process I felt you were fighting for your own credit score. Thank you!"

 Always Serving, Tito 




As a response to ICS newsletter warning about the credit bureaus' standard practice of sending out form letters about receiving a "suspicious letter"; all meant to delay or stop the dispute process; one of our clients said:


"I received a letter like that and that was another reason why I stopped my service with the other company.  I love how you guys send detailed msgs and how you guys always email me useful information. If you all have any flyers or cards feel free to send them to me and I would most definitely pass them out.  Thanks and continue with the grrrrrrrreat work!!!!!" 

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 "Having paid for these services in the past with other companies, I really didn’t have very high expectations going into to this endeavor. I needed a lot of assistance and clarity to make sense out of my bureau reports that have been holding me back from buying a home, obtaining a loan, and getting a fair interest rate. With the help of Jim and his assistant Laura at ICS we have made some great improvement to my FICO score. Additionally, ICS has equipped me with literature and knowledge to help me understand the credit score process and what impacts it. I will continue to improve my score and the choices I make in the future because of my experience with ICS. In my opinion ICS goes above and beyond in providing open lines of communication and follow up which in my opinion are key attributes to a great business partnership."

 Melissa, Chicago, IL

"Having had the pleasure to work with Jim and Illinois Credit Services, I am amazed with the results.  In an industry that seems complex and even scary at times, I was given advice and knowledge that was very easy to understand.  There are many regulations in the Credit Card industry that I was never aware of and Illinois Credit services never hung up the phone until I was  in complete understanding.  With no exaggeration, Jim and his company changed the course of my life. I would highly recommend ANYONE having issues with credit, to not hesitate for even one moment, to give this company a call.  Thanks for such an awesome experience!"

Tony, Rolling Meadows, IL

 "I've copied [a friend] on this email. Recently he and I have been discussing your services and the recent improvements (more like great success!) to my credit report / score. 

Before I hired Illinois Credit Services, I had a rap sheet similar to the amount and kind of detentions I received in high school - lengthy and bad. My credit score was in the mid 500's. Now, after some time and patience - just over a year, I am now at a 792 (see below, or attached).

 I think you understand what this means in terms of favorable interest rates (mortgage, car loan, and short term credit) - let alone that lending firms would trust us with their dollars. 

 Too, Illinois Credit did more than improve my report and score - they educated me on how to manage my finances and how credit works; something most people think they understand, myself then-included. "


 "I am amazed with the results! They changed the course of my life. I would highly recommend ANYONE having issues with credit, to not hesitate for even one moment, to give this company a call."  Tony – Rolling Meadows, IL

 "My scores went from a 586 to over 700!! You guys are the best!"   Shannon – Naperville, IL

" Any and everybody that needs help with correcting the wrong with your credit, call Illinois Credit Services I did, it has been about 18 months and I am in the process of purchasing my first home!!! Thank You Laura and the rest of the guys." -  Patrice 

 "I have used Illinois Credit Services (I.C.S.) for several months in the recent past and I could not be happier with the quality service I received from both Jim and his associates whether it was needing help making or extending a payment or to just call and ask some questions regarding my credit.  I.C.S. staff was behind me from start to finish.  I highly recommend I.C.S. to anyone that would like to better there credit and also become better informed regarding the do's and dont's of the credit world.  I give Jim and Laura both five out of five stars."

One Happy Customer,  Josh

 "I am reading through the packet of information that you sent.  It's very enlightening, and I will make sure to follow the prescriptive guidance you have provided in order to get things back on track.  Thanks again for your help," -  Cole, Plainfield, Il

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