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Referral Partners

Who Refers to Us

If your clients are affected by the content of their credit reports, we may be able to help them.

  • mortgage loan originators,
  • auto professionals,
  • real estate professionals,
  • insurance agents,
  • landlords,
  • employment agencies
  • attorneys
  • and many, many more professional businesses

All these professionals can use our services to correct the negative inaccuracies in their client's credit reports.

if problems with their credit reports are prohibiting someone from being a more highly qualified client, for you; refer them to us.

Attorneys send their clients to use our services to correct the often inevitable inaccuracies which may occur after a client has filed and completed a bankruptcy or divorce. 

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Why Refer to Us

  • We are a professional company with a customer service based business approach
  • BE CONFIDENT YOUR CLIENTS WILL BE TREATED WELL. We will be a good reflection on you and your company
  • Don't lose a client because they have negative inaccurate information on their credit report
  • We have a state of the art, web-based computer system and you can refer clients to us 24/7
  • Get more referrals for yourself by serving your clients to the fullest

AND.... we keep you up-to-date on the status of your referred clients and you have 24/7 internet access to our on-line system.

How Do I Refer a Client?

It's easy . . .

1. Call or email one of our representatives

Call us at 630-427-8500  or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and speak to a member of our staff about how we can help your clients. This call is free and you will receive invaluable information.

2. We will do a free review of your Client's credit

With permission, send us your client's credit report (or provide the necessary info, and we'll pull the report) and we will go over what we can do for them.

3. Provide your Client with our Contact info

Illinois Credit Services,  16143 S. Lincoln Highway, Unit 201 Plainfield, IL 60586, 630-427-8500
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We will work with your client to correct the unverifiable information on their credit report, and get them back to you ASAP.

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 Fill out this contact form for a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our credit experts.  By submitting this request, you are giving ICS permission to contact you. And remember, your initial consultation is free.

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