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Service Highlights Individual
First Work: Fee after 14 Days. (One-time charge only) $189 * $279 *
(50% off 2nd person)
Monthly Fee Thereafter
 (charged after each month service is completed)
$89 * $129 *
(50% off 2nd person)
24/7 Members Only Access on Website check check
Credit Report review and Analysis (if Provided by You) check check
Pay as you go check check
Cancel anytime check check
No cancellation fees check check
Either Some or All of the Following Services
are performed as needed
Dispute Letters to TransUnion check check
Dispute Letters to Experian check check
Dispute Letters to Equifax check check
Letter of Enrollment check check
Goodwill Letters check check
FICO Certified Credit Consultant check check
Credit Report Review check check
Debt Validation / Certified Mail check check
Dispute Letters to Creditors check check


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