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Why is building credit important?

Building the right mix of good, healthy credit is a key aspect of good credit. 

Credit scoring models are attempting to predict the likelihood that you may become delinquent in the future – NOT the past! They already know what you've done in the past by what they see on your credit report. That's why it is so critical that unverifiable bad credit be either corrected or deleted!

Likewise, it is essential that you show that you are managing your current credit responsibly. If you do not have any open current credit, you may need to start showing you can handle good current.


We will provide you with

  • information so you can make informed decisions
  • advice to guide you in those decision
  • useful resources so that you may build good credit responsibly.


Not everyone needs to build credit but if you do, we will guide you in the right direction.

Important!!  Be careful of anyone telling you any of the following:

  • that they will 'add seasoned trade lines' to your credit or
  • 'merge your credit' with another person or
  • 'create a new identity'.


At Illinois Credit Services, we do NOT offer services like these. You can not legally buy a new identity or buy a trade line. Often, this sounds like an attractive idea to a struggling consumer but it is not an option you should consider. It usually is an expensive illegal option filled with empty promises.

There is a right way and a wrong way to build good credit. At Illinois Credit Services, we will show you the right way to build good, positive credit.

Our First Work includes a packet of credit information mailed to you including specific Strategies and Plans for Credit Improvement for your credit reports. You will also receive periodic educational emails and our credit experts are available during normal business hours to answer all of your credit questions.

Your are not billed until services are completed.
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Jim Droske, President of Illinois Credit Services, is an approved instructor at the College of Dupage where he teaches a class on credit and credit restoration.  Learn more.



Ignoring bad credit won't help it go away.  It's time for you to take action.
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