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Jim Droske, President 
Illinois Credit Services


Message from the President of
Illinois Credit Services


I have been in the credit and lending industry for over 25 years.  My years in the mortgage and automobile lending industries made me realize that consumers have always been at a very big disadvantage in regards to the credit reporting system.  


Your credit score is such an important part of your life:

  • It's reviewed when you purchase a house, auto, or furniture
  • Affects your insurance rates, personal loans, rent, utilities, and even your employment.
  • It can help or hinder you from taking advantage of opportunities,
  • and at a minimum - it affects how much you will pay for nearly everything.

I've seen people hindered by their credit. Seen them fight the system when trying to correct errors on their report. In some cases it prevented them from realizing their dreams, and I wanted to do something about it.

It is for that reason that I created Illinois Credit Services.

For years, I've seen multi-billion dollar corporations like the big 3 credit bureaus, the big banks and debt collectors using the credit system as a tool to earn big profits for themselves. While these huge corporations are raking in record profits - consumers like you are at a big disadvantage.

Credit reports can have errors! 78% of ALL credit reports have errors. * Very often, errors on credit reports can hurt your credit and cause you to be denied for new credit or pay a higher cost to borrow money.

And why are consumers at a disadvantage? Because most consumers do not understand the credit system, credit scoring, or how to correct errors on your credit report....and the big corporations are profiting because of it.

Here's the good part! You have rights when it comes to credit reporting. Although you have the legal right to repair your own credit, most consumers don't understand the credit reporting system. Unverifiable or inaccurate information CAN be disputed but it is not an easy process for a consumer to handle on their own.

Our credit repair system is based on strategies and techniques utilizing the credit reporting laws. If you are looking for a magic credit wand that claims to erase all your bad credit - you will not find it here. It sounds good but it simply does not exist. We have a system based on transparency, communication, and consumer support. We'll do the work disputing the unverifiable information on your credit reports but we do want you to be involved.

Read through our website. Call us for a FREE initial credit consultation. Remember, this is YOUR credit. Your credit score is the single most important 3 digit number in your life!

It's time....

Jim Droske / President
Illinois Credit Services

* - According to a study conducted by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

 "Having paid for these services in the past with other companies, I really didn’t have very high expectations going into to this endeavor. I needed a lot of assistance and clarity to make sense out of my bureau reports that have been holding me back from buying a home, obtaining a loan, and getting a fair interest rate. With the help of Jim and his assistant Laura at ICS we have made some great improvement to my FICO score. . . . In my opinion ICS goes above and beyond in providing open lines of communication and follow up which in my opinion are key attributes to a great business partnership."  - Melissa, Chicago IL

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