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Your Credit Matters

"Your Credit Matters" Radio.  Heard Weekly Learn how the credit system works, learn about credit scoring, and how the banks and the credit system don't want you to understand how the credit system works. 
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60 Minutes Reports: Problems with Credit Reports On CBS's 60 Minutes in February 2013, Steve Kroft reported on the high number of people (estimated to be over 40 million) with mistakes on their credit reports.  Kroft commented that it is very difficult for the average person to fix such problems themselves.  The system is too hard to navigate.   But ICS can help.  
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$18.6 Million Settlement on Credit Errors Even after sending more than 13 letters to Equifax over the course of two years, Julie Miller could not get the big credit bureau to remove a host of errors that it inserted into her credit report. But ICS can help.  Call us at 630-427-8500  

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YOU need to take action

Your Credit is not going to repair itself.  You have to get involved.
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Credit Repair Education

We can help you learn how to repair your Credit.   But you have to get involved and take the right actions to get you there.   If you're ready to turn your Credit around, give us a call at 630-427-8500.   Learn More . . .
What We Do

No matter why you have Bad Credit or Low Credit Scores:
  • Lost your job
  • Bad investments
  • Never learned the essentials of sound financial planning
We can work with you to
  • help dispute inaccuracies in your credit reports
  • provide you with tools you need to work toward improving your credit profile
  • perform an analysis of your credit status
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  • Learn how the credit system works, about credit scoring, and how the banks and the credit system don't want you to understand how the credit system works.
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  • It's never too late to repair your bad credit. Working with the right Credit Services company is key. Correcting disputed and unverifiable items on your own can be a nightmare.
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  • Building the right mix of good, healthy credit and managing your current credit responsibly is an important aspect of good credit. Why is building credit important?
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  • When it comes to your credit reports, it is important to understand how the credit system works and how your credit can be impacted, both positively and negatively, by your actions.
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How does honest, legal, moral and
ethical credit repair work?

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How do I protect myself from
Identity Theft?

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11 Minutes of Free Credit Advice.
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Learn what is, and what is not,
included in a credit report.

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How Can You Raise Your Credit Score?

Your credit is missing something important....YOU!

Credit Repair services and Education.

To really make a change in your credit score, you have to take control.

We can show you the right way to do that.

  • We will help you remove inaccurate information that is lowering your credit score.
  • We will write dispute letters to the 3 major credit bureaus and your creditors for any inaccurate items.
  • We will work with you to devise an action plan to potentially improve your credit
  • We are your resource to provide educational credit information

The most important part is that everything we do to dispute and repair the inaccurate information in your credit report is 100% legal.

Read more about our services or if you’re ready to start improving your credit now:

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"Having had the pleasure to work with Jim and Illinois Credit Services, I am amazed with the results.  In an industry that seems complex and even scary at times, I was given advice and knowledge that was very easy to understand."  Read the full Testimonial

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